Got Pain? A Glass Chair Mat Does a Body Good

If you sit at a desk each day and have back or knee pain, a glass chair mat might be just what the doctor ordered! According to one Clearly Innovative Lifetime Glass Chairmats client, who also happens to be a physical therapist and certified athletic trainer (so she knows her stuff!).

“Your glass mats provide an excellent, durable surface without the risk of developing grooves or dents over time that would actually hinder chair movement and increase the strain on the knees, hips, and back,” says Lissa Trevino, president of Ocean Physical Therapy, Inc. in California.

According to many in the physical therapy, chiropractic and other related fields, a sturdy mat made of glass provides much more support for your body than does flexible vinyl or plastic mats. This reduces the strain on your muscles, joints and bones that can lead to poor posture and pain. Business professionals who purchase them for their staff report higher productivity and healthier, happier employees — all factors in a better bottom line for a company. Not to mention that the glass chairmats look so much better than traditional vinyl mats, and you don’t have to worry about replacing it since we offer a lifetime warranty! Just look at some of the reviews from our customers that can’t help but rave about our incredible glass chair mats!

  • “I had knee surgery last year and I had to stand up and lift my chair out of the caster grooves,” says Valerie P., another client who works as a court recorder. “It was just too hard on my knee to try to push out. My glass chair mat is a Godsend!”
  • “Because it is also solid and heavy, it supports my study chair at a constant level, and that allows my chair to lessen my back aches,” adds retired minister Bob Shuler.

And says Stacia Swartz, a corporate recruiting, staffing and placement specialist, “Far less fatigue factor with our new glass chair mat. It takes zero effort to roll.”

Clearly Innovative Lifetime Glass Chairmats

Our chair mats are more than just a “mat”. We’re incredibly proud of our products and we guarantee your satisfaction. Maybe you haven’t thought twice about the mat under your chair, but next time you have to push, pull, and shimmy around just to move in your desk chair, just think about how beneficial it would be to glide around as if you were on ice! With our patented beveled edges, you’ll also be able to roll off your mat when need be, and not have to worry about standing and picking your chair back upon the mat!

To find out how a glass chair mat can improve your posture, productivity and health, browse our website and go to our store to find out which office mat would better suit your taste and your office’ appearance! And don’t worry, we provide free shipping to further help you save the money that would have been spent replacing your current ugly and obnoxious vinyl mat.  If you live in Southern California and would like to view our office mats in person, we have multiple dealers that sell our mats. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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