New Year’s Resolutions for your Health, Home & Work Life

“Clearly Innovative Home & Office Products offers New Year’s resolutions to boost your health and productivity.”

The New Year is upon us. How will you improve your life in 2012? If you envision a happier home and office life, plus a healthier body, Clearly Innovative Home & Office Products has a few suggestions for your New Year’s resolutions.

  • Spruce up your environment: One great way to permanently lift your mood is to clear out and clean up your environment. Commit to getting your home and office organized and free of clutter, then, spruce it up with some energy-boosting colors, soothing scents and perhaps a few furniture upgrades. Our glass chair mats and glass desk and table tops will add a touch of shine to your work and living areas. They’re scratch resistant and can be customized to perfectly fit your desk, table and counter tops or your desk’s floor area.
  • Do your body good: Our glass chair mats do much more than pretty up your space. They also offer health benefits you won’t get with flimsy vinyl chair mats. Glass mats offer greater support for your back, shoulders, hips, legs and knees. The improved support reduces the strain on muscles, joints and bones that can lead to poor posture and pain. Plus, gliding your chair across a glass chairmat takes much less effort than the pushing, pulling and straining necessary to move a chair on a vinyl mat that has formed deep groves.
  • Get wise about finances: Business professionals who use our glass chair mats in their offices report higher productivity and healthier, happier employees – all important factors in a company’s success. Plus, while they’re more expensive than vinyl chair mats initially, glass mats are ultra-durable, outlasting other materials by decades.

Invest in your home and work space, your health and your finances with Clearly Innovative Home & Office Products. Browse our website or visit one of our showroom dealers. Call 949-812-2495 to learn more.

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