Really – How Strong ARE Glass Chair Mats?

“Don’t worry – Our glass chair mats are far stronger than this glass and this girl.”

It’s a question we get all the time. In fact, it’s probably the top point of skepticism we hear about our top-selling product, glass chair mats. After all, glass is fragile, right?

While it isn’t quite the thickness or strength of the glass that separates you from the shark tank at Sea World, it’s also not the same as the glass in your home’s windows or your car’s windshield. Our glass chair mats are made with 1/4-inch thick tempered glass prepared to unique standards designed for strength and durability. This proprietary manufacturing system (patent pending) results in tempered glass that is up to five times stronger than regular glass and capable of withstanding 24,000 pounds per square inch.

The unexpected strength of our glass chair mats means that they’re scratch-resistant and guaranteed not to break, though they can get scratched if gritty substances like sand are tracked onto the mat and left under your chair rollers, so you’ll want to sweep or wipe them regularly.

Says one happy customer:

“At first I was concerned that the glass chair mat might be terribly fragile and easily broken, but it the process of assembling the metal brackets for a new lateral file I TWICE accidentally dropped one of the metal cross-pieces whose sharp edge struck the mat directly from a height of approximately three feet, and no discernible damage whatsoever! It’s an incredible product, and I thoroughly enjoy using it!”

Because these mats are so hard, they’re easy on your back, shoulders, neck and joints. When paired with our specially designed chair rollers, they make for an exceptionally smooth and nearly effortless roll. No more pressure on your knees and back muscles to rock or dig your way out of the deep grooves that form in conventional vinyl chair mats. With our patented bevel edges, you can easily wheel on and off the chair mat without having to struggle. They’re available in multiple sizes and can be custom-configured to your particular space and needs. We’re so confident in the strength and durability of our glass mats, that they also come with a lifetime limited warranty against failure when used correctly as a chair mat!

Not only do they provide ergonomic benefits due to free-wheeling it provides your desk chair, but our glass office chair mats also give your office or lobby a professional look and complements the furnishing in the room. When compared to the ugly, traditional vinyl mat that most offices have, there’s no question as to whether you should upgrade to a glass mat today!

Continue to follow our blog for more information, and to get yours go to our shop now or visit one of our licensed dealers. And if you have any questions about our glass chair mats, visit our FAQs page or don’t hesitate to contact us today! You’ll be amazed what a difference our office mats make on the functionality and appearance of your office.

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