Why Wheels Matter on your Glass Chair Mat

When you purchase a glass chair mat, you can bet your office experience just got better. The smooth rolling surface will be easier on your knees and back. And you’ll save hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your glass chairmat – money you would have thrown away on dozens of plastic or vinyl mats that wear out within six months to a year.

So, why mar that great new experience with cheap office chair casters that minimize your movement and wear out nearly as quickly as those vinyl mats? When buying your new glass chair mat, we recommend adding a set of our high-quality office chair casters. They’re specifically designed and manufactured to be used on hard surfaces including hardwood floors and glass. The caster rollers have a slightly softer surface, which makes for a smoother, quieter roll. (By contrast, many of today’s office chairs come with twin wheel nylon casters which slide, rather than roll.) And the heavy duty casing means they’ll last far longer than conventional models.

Not all office chair caster rollers are made equal. To find out more about the benefits of higher quality caster rollers, call Clearly Innovative Home & Office Products at 949-812-2495.

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