5 Essentials for the Perfect Ergonomic Home Office

5 Essentials for the Perfect Ergonomic Home Office

Home offices have become the norm for a large portion of the workforce – especially post-pandemic. According to a 2023 study by the Pew Research Center, about one-third of workers in the United States work from home full-time. 

Most people got thrown into work-from-home life with little preparation as COVID-19 lockdowns swept the country – and many people were forced to use makeshift workstations. 

Sitting in an un-optimized workstation for eight or more hours every day can wreak havoc on your spine. Fortunately, there are a few adjustments that can make a world of difference. In this post, we want to talk about a few essential items and tips to create a truly ergonomic home office setup.

Let’s dive into it. 

1. Glass Chair Mat 

A home office chair mat does a lot more than just protect your floor and carpet. They work to reduce the amount of strain on your legs, lower back, and overall body as you roll around in your chair. 

Now, you have many options for chair mats. There’s the traditional plastic, carpet, wood, glass, and so on. 

Glass chair mats are known to provide the best ergonomic home office benefits

With a traditional plastic mat, you’ll quickly create ruts with your desk chair, making it more difficult to shift and change positions. Glass chair mats allow you to move around effortlessly to avoid muscle fatigue and strain. 

In addition to great ergonomics, tempered glass chair mats provide exceptional aesthetics to your home office and will last a lifetime

This mat is a lifesaver for my back. Our carpet in my office space is a Berber but it has a thick sponginess to the pad. With this glass mat my chair slides easily. Thank you for making such a great product 

— Mechel (Verified Customer) | Rectangular Glass Chair Mat

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2. Ergonomic Desk Chair 

Generally speaking, it’s always a smart move to invest in the things that come between you and the ground – shoes, mattresses, chairs, etc. A proper ergonomic desk chair is designed to support the body's natural posture, working to reduce strain and enhance productivity. 

Most models allow for customization to fit your needs in terms of height, seat depth, armrests, and backrest. This is to help maintain the natural curvature of the spine and reduce strain. By accommodating your posture and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues, an ergonomic chair will do a lot to improve health and well-being in your home office setup for the long term.

When it comes to desk chairs, you have many, many options. 

We recommend spending at least $500 on a quality ergonomic home office chair. Some of the best chair brands include Herman Miller, HON, and Steelcase. You spend eight hours a day or more sitting in your desk chair, do yourself a favor and invest in a good chair. 

3. Adjustable Desk 

Adjustable desks have seen a rise in popularity over the past several years in ergonomic home office setups. These are designed to shift between sitting and standing positions. This helps to promote better posture and reduce sedentary behavior throughout the day. 

You can simply lift the desk to your desired height and work standing up – and can put it back in a lower position just as easily. 

Moreover, you can customize the desk height to reduce strain on your shoulders, arms, and wrists when typing. The ability to switch between sitting and standing postures can do a lot to minimize health risks associated with prolonged sitting – including cardiovascular issues and chronic back pain. 

There are many variations of adjustable desks for an ergonomic home office. You can buy a manual desk or an electronic one – or, if you already have a traditional desk, there are adjustable risers that sit on top.  

4. Proper Monitor Placement 

This is not so much a product, but more essential advice. 

Proper monitor placement plays a large role in an ergonomic home office setup. If done right, it can significantly reduce eye, neck, and shoulder strain. 

Computer monitors should be placed roughly an arm's length away, with the top of the screen or slightly below eye level. This position promotes a neutral posture, preventing the need to tilt the head or strain the neck up or down. 

Additionally, it can help minimize glare, which leads to eye fatigue and headaches. If you use multiple monitors, be sure to closely align them so you’re not twisting and turning your neck throughout the day. 

5. Wrist Rest 

Ergonomic wrist rests for the keyboard and mouse tend to be an underappreciated component of a home office

They provide a great deal of ergonomic benefits by promoting neutral alignment of the wrist. This does a lot to reduce pressure on the median nerve, which alleviates the risk of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. 

By providing a supportive surface, they keep the wrists in a straight and natural position – rather than in a flexed or extended state – which leads to strain over time. 

They also provide a comfortable resting area for the wrists during short breaks from typing to prevent fatigue. Moreover, these rests can reduce the contact stress between the edges of desks and your wrists, offering further comfort and protection. 

You have many different options for wrist rests in your home office setup – and most are relatively inexpensive. Check Amazon and find a solution that fits your needs and budget. 

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We spend a great deal of our lives working. Everyone deserves an ergonomic home office that preserves their musculoskeletal health and reduces strain. Hopefully, this list of essentials has pointed you in the right direction. 

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We will be happy to offer our professional advice. 

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