Clearly Innovative Glass Chair Mat

All Glass Chair Mats
are Not Created Equally

Our patented beveled edge is a game changer

Our "Edge" on the Competition

We're the only Glass Chair Mat to offer a patented beveled edge to deliver the best experience.

  • No jarring drop-off or pushing to get back on the mat
  • A sophisticated look with a 1" full beveled edge that complements any décor
  • No stubbing your toe or hitting your shoe with the beveled edge lying flat on the floor
  • Lifetime warranty against cracks or chipping
  • Perfect whether you're working from home or in an office
Smooth Bevel Edge Clearly Innovative Glass Chair Mat


Relieves back and joint stress from difficult rolling and caster indentations.


Protects Flooring

Carpet, tile and hardwood stay new and never wear.


Beautiful Décor

High-quality, clear tempered glass complements any décor. It's the antithesis of an ugly, cracked chair mat you've had to settle for previously.


Lasts a Lifetime

With a lifetime warranty, you'll save money and never repurchase another chair mat. Plus, you'll love it.



Made from silica sand and recycled glass, you can help save the environment by avoiding a petroleum-based product.


Holds 1,000 lbs

It's virtually indestructible, so there is no need to worry about accidentally dropping anything on it or how much weight it can hold. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty to back it up.

Glass vs Plastic Chair Mats

Glass Chair Mats

Lasts forever – with a lifetime warranty

Beveled edge creates seamless roll off & on

Experience smooth rolling forever

Stays crystal clear forever

Looks beautiful with any decor

Chair mat always stays in place

Works great on carpet, wood or tile

Plastic Chair Mats

Lasts 6 months with no warranty

Warped edges can cause tripping & stubbed toes

Repeated rolling causes divots, cracks & bubbling

Ages to an ugly cloudy color

Creates an unsightly appearance

Slides around due to lightweight material

On carpet, you'll notice dents fairly quickly. Expect it to slide & crack on carpet, wood & tile

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Beauty & Function That Lasts Forever

The only Glass Chair Mat with a beveled edge providing a smooth transition rolling on and off, making all the difference in performance and appearance.