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Glass Chair Mat

Best Price · Patented Tapered Edges · Lifetime Warranty

  • Eco-friendly - made from rapidly renewable silica sand not pertroleum
  • Elegant - crystal clear to disappear, beautifies your office
  • Ergonomic - effortless rolling to avoid repetitive stress syndrome
  • Eliminates - carpet wear where your chair rolls
  • Economical - never needs replacing

Two Models to Choose From

The Executive Model

  • Beveled edges allow easy rolling on and off  (exclusive patented feature!)
  • Our most popular model!
  • 3″ radius corners
  • Our second generation Glass Chairmat – Patented Beveled Edge!
  • Fantastic on hardwood floors and carpeting
  • Elegant appearance

The Chairman

  • Textured opaque surface
  • 1″ Beveled edges allow easy rolling on and off (exclusive patent pending feature!)
  • Low reflection surface
  • Maximum scratch resistance
  • 1″ radius corners
  • Stylish chair mat appearance
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Office Chairmats - Made of Glass!

Welcome to the Clearly Innovative Lifetime Glass Chairmat's website. For years, you’ve had very little choice for chairmat products that provide adequate desk chair movement on carpet or that protect your floors from scuff marks left by office chair casters.

Our Glass Chairmats offer a smart, functional alternative to the traditional ugly vinyl mat for today’s working office.

Beautifies Any Office

Clear, beveled, quality elegance –complements office furnishings.

Protects Your Flooring

Carpet and hardwood stays new and never wear under our glass chairmats.

Lasts Forever

Our glass chairmat never needs replacing - saving you money.

Effortless Rolling

Desk chairs glide - no more pushing or tugging on thin vinyl mats.

Ergonomic Benefits

Relieves back and joint stress from difficult rolling and caster indentation.

Green Product

Made from silica, sand, and recycled glass; not a petroleum product.


10 Year Warranties

Drop-off Edges

Higher Prices

WE Offer:

Lifetime Warranties

Free Shipping

Tapered Edges

Lower Prices


  • Protects your hardwood floors or carpet
  • Supports up to 1,000 pounds
  • Provides effortless rolling and never wears out
  • Enjoys a limited lifetime warranty against chipping, cracking or breaking, including the patented beveled edges
  • Ergonomically, perfect rolling surface, anti-fatigue
  • FREE Shipping!
  • Adds a touch of class to any office


“ Before being introduced to your glass chairmat, I was using those standard plastic mats with the little dimples on the bottom surface.
The plastic mats had a few issues….

1.     The chair feet/wheels would press/indent into them and the chair would get stuck and would be hard to roll.

 2.     They would eventually turn a yellowish-brown and were hard to clean.

 3.     They would eventually crack and need to be replaced.

Your glass mats prevent all of the issues above.  Given how sturdy they are, I don’t think I’ll need to replace my glass mat for years/decades.
They are easy to clean and don’t slide around on the carpet.  The chair rolls easily and freely at all times.  The beveled/tapered edges allow for easy rolling of the chair back onto the mat if you accidentally roll off of it. Basically, now that I’ve used one, I don’t think I’d ever use anything else.
Thanks for making a great product, I really appreciate it!”

Christopher J. Furbish

Biomechanical Engineer / Accident Reconstructionist~ Rich H.

“As a licensed physical therapist and board certified ergonomist, I have seen the problems associated with traditional plastic or vinyl chair mats. Common plastic chair mats can tear, caster “valleys” can form, and the mat edges can curl up. These problems present risks of improper positioning of the chair relative to the work station. Chair castors can catch causing risk of tipping over on plastic chair mats, and plastic chair mats can become a trip hazard as employees enter and exit their work area.

Glass chair mats eliminate these risks and provide added benefits as well. The smooth hard glass chair mat surface allows the user to easily move and reposition their chair at their work area. Typically, employees use their lower extremities and/or their upper extremities to maneuver their chair around their work area and plastic floor mats increase the forces required to reposition a desk chair.

I believe glass chair mats are an important component of a proper office ergonomic set up.”

Mark Nolte, MA, PT, CIE

Certified Industrial Ergonomist

I love my new glass chairmat. Right away I noticed a change, literally as soon as I sat in my chair. I felt like I had better posture and after a few hours, my low back didn’t feel as strained as before. I have had one chiropractic appointment since I started using it, got my back “realigned” and haven’t had any trouble since.

My productivity is up noticeably as well. I am a full-time medical transcriptionist and spend many hours a day in my chair. Between better productivity (meaning better paychecks for me) and better spine health (and fewer chiropractic appointments) I can see that my glass chairmat will pay for itself over time.

Thank you so much for offering this product. It is easily one of the most worthwhile purchases I have made.

Paula P

Broken Bow, Nebraska