Rectangle Glass Chair Mat | 36” x 46”, 3” Radius Corner, 1” Beveled Edges
Rectangle Glass Chair Mat | 44” x 50”, 3” Radius Corner, 1” Beveled Edges
Rectangle Glass Chair Mat | 45” x 53”, 3” Radius Corner, 1” Beveled Edges
Rectangle Glass Chair Mat | 48” x 60”, 3” Radius Corner, 1” Beveled Edges
Our patented beveled edge is the differentiator
Rectangle Glass Chair Mat
Rectangle Glass Chair Mat

Rectangle Glass Chair Mats

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Our rectangle glass chair mat works for everything from a small home office to a large corner office. We're the only brand with a clear differentiator – a patented 1-inch beveled edge that delivers an easy roll on and off. Our unique, beveled edge is not only functional, but it also enhances the mat's look while also beautifully displaying and protecting all types of flooring and rugs under the mat with its translucent appearance.

  • Elegantly Durable. Made with the highest quality ¼" tempered glass, it can withstand up to 1000 pounds while ensuring that your floors will be protected from scuffs and damage typically caused by hard plastic rolling office chair wheels. This elegant, ergonomic glass mat can be placed over carpet, tile, wood and vinyl flooring.
  • Eco-Friendly. Our environmentally friendly glass chair mat is made from rapidly renewable natural silica sand that is odorless, BPA-free, and phthalate-free instead of chemical-laced vinyl, as many competitors use.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our strong, long-lasting tempered glass floor mat is warranted for life, providing confidence that you're making an excellent investment that will last forever.
  • Ergonomic Benefits. You'll notice instant relief from back and joint stress with effortless rolling, eliminating tugging your chair out of roller indentations on a plastic, dented mat or pulling across thick carpeting.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Steve H.

My wife bought one for her office and after seeing hers, unpackaging it and putting it down, it was a no-brainer to get one for my office. The beveled edge is really nice and easy to roll the chair back on should it come off. Nice work. Thanks.

Tex Stone
finally !

I have been using a plastic mat under my computer chair for many years.
Last month it cracked, and I needed to replace it.
BUT... it has been driving me crazy for several years because the chair won't stay in one place: the indentations from body-weight-on-wheels.
I bought one of your glass mats. FINALLY I can roll smoothly and not sink into ruts !

Sarah G
Skeptical NO MORE

I was skeptical of putting this glass chair mat on medium pile carpet and then putting my big behind in a heavy office chair on top of it. I kept finding myself trying to tiptoe onto it expecting it to pop into a million pieces any time, but to my surprise, it has held up to the weight and now I find myself wondering if I want to try dancing or jumping on it as if it’s my personal goal to break it. Ha! Just kidding. Honestly, it is worth every penny that I no longer have to scoot myself out of the divots that are inevitable to happen with even the heavy-duty carpet versions of the ordinary chair mat. Get it now!

C. W.
Smooth sailing.

Great chair pad. Would have gone bigger but glass pad is pricy. Great product however.

D. Coombs

Barring this thing breaking, maybe the best money I have spent on my office since the start of Covid.

I have had several chair mats (on vinyl plank floor). They either slid around, were so soft that you couldn't roll, broke, etc. Finally, I gave up and didn't use a mat . . . big mistake, damaged the seams of the vinyl planks and will ultimately have to replace the floor :-(!!

I have had this mat for about 2 hours. The weight made it a bit harder to get into place BUT, I didn't have to unroll it (any of you that have been punched in the face when a rolled mat snapped back after you try to flatten it out know exactly what I am talking about), chair rolls as smooth as I could imagine, and the weight that made it hard to get into place makes it so it isn't moving around under me. Also, the beveled edges actually work, I have slid my char off a couple of times to test, and it rolls right back on.

It was a bit pricy, but on a hard, flat floor, I expect that, over time, cost will even out given I won't be replacing it every year.

Again, assuming it doesn't break, I am very happy with the function!