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Our Glass Chair Mat is made of 1/4-inch-thick tempered glass, prepared to our unique patented specifications. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than regular glass, able to withstand 1,000’s of pounds.

Every Mat comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against breaking, shattering, or chipping.

Our Glass Chair Mats come in several different sizes seen on the Shop Products page.

Yes. Unlike our competitors, we have a patented 1″ beveled edge for even easier rolling on and off. Plus, it helps prevent any chipping on the edges and you won’t stub your toe or hit your shoe with the beveled edge lying flat on the floor.

Yes. Our Glass Chair Mat weighs almost 3.2lbs per square foot. A 46″ square Glass Chair Mat weighs about 47 pounds and moves very little (if at all) in normal use. Plastic holding disks and velcro tabs are included with every mat should you need them.

Yes. Glass Chair Mats are an excellent choice to protect fine wood floors from scratching while allowing the beauty of the floor to show through.

The Glass Chair Mat can hold 1000’s of pounds, the equivalent of several people. We do not recommend placing furniture on the edge of the Glass Chair Mat, however furniture with non-metallic legs or slides can be set on our mats.

Glass Chair Mats are very scratch resistant. However, it can scratch if grit, like sand, is tracked onto the mat and left under the chair rollers. A simple occasional dusting will prevent this.

Your Glass Chair Mat order will be shipped within three business days. We ship with FedEx Ground. It will take up to six days in transit.

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