Benefits of an Ergonomic Workplace

Benefits of an Ergonomic Workplace

When you decide to enhance your workplace with a glass office mat from Clearly Innovative, not only will you be adding a sleek and professional look to the area, protecting your floors, and being eco-friendly by investing in a green product, but you’ll also be receiving ergonomic benefits as well. But what exactly is “ergonomics,” and what does it mean to your work?

To put it simply, ergonomics is the science of how the arrangement and design of a workplace can affect efficiency. By focusing on the worker’s comfort and limitations in their work environment, studies have found that multiple benefits arise. In this post, we’ll be discussing some of the advantages that you’ll achieve by putting a focus on ergonomics. To start seeing results, don’t forget to place your order for your glass chair mat today!

Bolsters Productivity

When you have to constantly reach during your workday, sit in the same position with bad posture all day, or struggle to roll your desk chair around and on and off a plastic vinyl mat (boo!), these repeated actions and bad posture puts strain on your knees, back, and other joints. Over time, what may have begun as a minor pain or annoyance is likely to turn into a real injury. When you or your employees are constantly suffering this pain, it hinders the amount of work that they get done. By designing the area to be more convenient, promote good posture, and chair mats that you let you wheel around freely (as well as roll on and off the mat with ease due to our 1" patented beveled edges), it’s been found that productivity is sure to rise.

Higher Work Quality

Not only will more work get done, but the quality will be better, too! Being tired, fatigued, and sore does nothing to help you produce your finest work. When you feel refreshed and comfortable when you first come in, you’ll be ready to take on the day and the value of your work will show this.

Promote a Safer Work Environment

When you decide to make your workplace as ergonomic as you can, you’re showing that you truly care for your health, but also for your employees. This builds a stronger camaraderie amongst the workers while also preventing injuries and frustrations.

Clearly Innovative Glass ChairMats

Here at Clearly Innovative, we had noticed a common trend in the options you had for office mats. It was either nothing at all, or the typical plastic chair mats that not only wore down had to be thrown out shortly after purchasing it, but would also catch the wheels of your desk chair, and heaven forbid you rolled off the mat and tried to get back on it. That’s why we created our pristine, eco-friendly glass chair mats with the patented beveled edge. By being able to easily roll around, your body has fewer stressors then with the old mats. And did we mention that they enhance the appeal of your workplace? Stop struggling and start rolling, get your glass office mat today!