More Than Just an Office Mat

More Than Just an Office Mat

Are you sitting at your desk at the moment, reading this blog and wondering what the big deal is about glass chair mats? Maybe you haven’t given much thought about office mats. After all, they’re just a surface to roll your desk chair around—right? Well, if you’re reading this, that means part of you is tired of the same ol’ plastic mat that not only looks unseemly but also prevents you and your chair from rolling around effortlessly. Not to mention the fact that in time they wear out, get divots that obnoxiously catch the wheels of your chair, and rip causing you to spend money on a new vinyl mat that will eventually go through the same process!

At Clearly Innovative Lifetime Glass Chairmats, we were tired of the sorry excuse for office mats that were available on the market. Why were these vinyl mats the only option for people searching for a mat? We decided to change all of that. Our revolutionary glass office mats provide much more than just a place to set your desk chair. In this post, we’ll be discussing many of the benefits that come with our office mats, and why you should get rid of that old, worn down thing under your chair, and upgrade to glass! Already sold on the idea? Forego reading about the benefits and experience it for yourself! Learn more on our website and decide which mat is the right size for you.

Still on the fence? Continue reading and let us convince you that there is no better time than now for you to upgrade to a glass chair mat today!

Professional Appearance

First things first, our glass office mats are sleek. No matter what your work area looks like, you can rest assured that one of our mats will add more than just a dash of class to your office. The sheen of the glass will help complement whatever furnishings you have in the room, as well as let you still see your hardwood or carpeting. Maybe you can still see the floor through your current vinyl mat, but you have to look through stains and the inevitable, grotesque yellow coloring that comes with time. We know it and you know it, that aged vinyl mat does not help give your office the professional appearance that you’re going for.

Free Wheeling

One of the main issues with vinyl mats is the inability to move around the way that you would prefer. Especially if your office is carpeted, it’s unavoidable that the traditional mats will have little divots that hold your chair still, causing you to awkwardly push and pull on your chair trying to get where you need to be. And heaven help you if you roll off of the mat. It’s almost a sure thing that when you try and roll back on, the edges will catch the wheels and you’ll have to stand up and lift your chair back onto the surface.

None of these problems will happen to you with one of our glass mats! Not only does the glass provide you with complete control, letting you roll around like Michelle Kwan on ice, but also with our patented beveled edges you can roll on and off with ease! This complete control as more advantages than you may think. Through effortless rolling, our mats provide ergonomic benefits that will help give you back and joint stress relief and help provide better posture.

Green Product

Unlike plastic mats, you won’t see our product contributing to the size of the local landfill. We are proud to do our part in helping conserve the environment through the green movement, so our mats are made from sand, silica, and recycled glass. So, you can rest easy knowing that when you purchase one of our office mats, you’re also helping this home we call Earth.

Lasts a Lifetime

No need to worry about buying a replacement in a year or two. Our glass mats are so incredibly durable that we offer a lifetime warranty! The only damage that can happen is if a rock gets caught under the wheels of your chair and minor scratching might happen. But aside from that, our office mats can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of pressure!

Floor Protection

To add on all of these advantages of our mat, they also provide the ultimate protection for your hardwood or carpet flooring! No need to worry about scuff marks, scratches, or stains!

Clearly Innovative Lifetime Glass Chairmats

Are you ready to upgrade the look of your workspace while also reaping the ergonomic benefits? Go to our shop now to choose your preferred glass chair mat, and add to your cart or contact us with any questions! You’ll be amazed at the difference that ‘just a mat’ will provide.