Clearly Innovative Glass Chair Mat

Looks Great. Rolls Great.
Lasts Forever.

Your frustration with plastic chair mats ends today. Discover a beautiful solution with our patented Glass Chair Mat.

Lifetime Warranty


Everyday best price

Free Shipping

Free Shipping


Patented Bevel Edge


Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomic Benefits

Our "Edge" on the Competition

We're the only Glass Chair Mat to offer a patented beveled edge to deliver the best experience.

  • No jarring drop-off or pushing to get back on the mat
  • A sophisticated look with a 1" full beveled edge that complements any décor
  • No stubbing your toe or hitting your shoe with the beveled edge lying flat on the floor
  • Lifetime warranty against cracks or chipping
  • Perfect whether you're working from home or in an office
Smooth Bevel Edge Clearly Innovative Glass Chair Mat

You’ll Love It, Guaranteed


I never imagined that I would LOVE a chair mat so much. Yes, it is expensive, and the price had me hesitant to order at first but after receiving and using this for the past 6 months I can safely say that I will never use a crappy plastic chair mat ever again! This is the way to go if you like very high-quality products. I just ordered a second one for my other desk and may even get more for the rest of my desks. #obsessed

— Betsy T.

This is worth the money. We upgraded the wheels on our office chair and with this mat it rolls nicely with little effort. The mat stays put on our carpet and the bevel edges makes it easy to roll onto if you move off the mat while in the chair as advertised. Strong and thick and works well on low pile carpet.

— Mr. Wink

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the glass chair mat. When I saw "1/4 inch thickness" in the description, I didn't know what to expect but I am extremely satisfied with the quality (and look) of the mat. I highly recommend this mat for anyone looking for a chair mat that will last a long time (most likely a lifetime)

— Michael M.

This is the only chair pad I have ever liked on my 1” combination of carpet & pad. It is now so effortless to use my Herman Miller chair. With this glass mat, it glides. At first, I kept gliding off the mat! With the beveled edge, it is effortless to move back into the mat.The packaging is well designed to protect the mat.I recommend this brand & have ordered a second one.

— Penny T.

This large piece of sturdy glass
mat was as advertised. Love it.....and truly worth every bit of the price. Thinking about buying this again for another mat locations!

— Tom

Tired of landing in a rut?

Beautifully designed to last a lifetime, our patented beveled edge glass chair mat is the seamless, ergonomic solution to a better day at your desk.

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