6 Ways Glass Desk Chair Mats Create Instant Value for Your Company

6 Ways Glass Desk Chair Mats Create Instant Value for Your Company

As a business owner, you’re doing more than just investing in office space.

You’re investing in a workplace culture, a perception from customers, and the well-being of your employees. Next to fancy chairs, desks, and computers, one item that tends to go under-appreciated is the floor mats.

The wheels on office chairs are unforgiving – and floor mats are essential to protect the flooring. However, you’re not just buying floor protection. Chair mats do a lot more for a workspace than many assume.

At Clearly Innovative, we sell high-quality glass desk chair mats that provide a plethora of benefits to workplaces. In this post, we want to discuss six major ways these mats add instant value. Let’s get moving.

Glass Desk Chair Mats: The Advantage of Durability

Glass chair mats – built from tempered glass – are renowned for incredible durability. Unlike plastic mats, a glass office chair mat won’t crack, develop ruts, or become yellow over time.

A high-quality glass mat is designed to withstand heavy daily use and maintain a pristine condition. This durability translates to many different advantages – including long-term cost savings, floor protection, and more.

1. Adds a Professional Aesthetic & Devotion to Quality

People tend to respect workplaces with nice aesthetics.

Glass desk chair mats do wonders to improve the aesthetic appeal of a workspace with a sleek and polished appearance. The transparency of the product integrates seamlessly into the rest of the office décor, adding a strong touch of sophistication.

From a client standpoint, walking into a business establishment full of high-quality equipment provides a sense that the offerings are also high quality.

The use of glass chair mats instantly signals an organization's commitment to providing a superior environment for both employees and clients. This perception (while subtle) works to build a sense of trust with clients.

To put it in perspective, if they walk into a business and see cracked and broken chair mats everywhere, it’s a sign that the business tends to cut corners. On the other hand, high-quality glass chair mats show that the company doesn’t take shortcuts and there is an emphasis on quality.

2. Equals Less Wear and Tear on the Floors

Getting into the more literal and practical advantages, glass desk chair mats provide a superior level of protection to the floor.

Unlike the cheaper plastic mats – which tend to warp or crack over time –  a glass chair mat will make sure the floor material remains untouched by the desk chair casters. These mats work on pile carpet, tile, hardwood floors, and every other material imaginable.

Re-doing an office floor can be VERY expensive. To give you an idea, a hardwood floor tends to cost anywhere from $7-$22 per square foot, tile can run $15-$20 per square foot, and laminate is usually around $10 per square foot.

By investing in glass chair mats, you’ll do a lot to preserve the integrity of the floor types underneath. This equates to significant cost savings on repairs or replacements.

3. Reduces Upkeep Expenses

With chair mats, you have several different options for material. There’s the classic plastic mat, then bamboo, vinyl, and of course, the tempered glass chair mat. Plastic chair mats tend to fail after just a few months of heavy use, whereas bamboo and vinyl tend to degrade after a couple of years.

A tempered glass chair mat is built to last a lifetime. While the initial cost is certainly higher, it’s a one-time purchase that maintains its shape and functionality.

Moreover, the scratch-resistant material is not susceptible to discoloration or fading, meaning they keep their aesthetic appeal no matter what. All in all, investing in a glass desk chair mat will eliminate the hassle and expenditure of frequent replacements.

4. Provides Better Ergonomics for Employees 

The durability and unforgiving glass surface contributes significantly to good ergonomics in the workplace. Cheap plastic mats tend to develop ruts – making it more difficult for people to maneuver and shift positions in their chairs.

A glass desk chair mat facilitates effortless movement and mobility, reducing strain/ exert unnecessary energy to move around the workspace.

Your employees spend a good chunk of their lives at their desks. Improving mobility equals better posture and less risk of musculoskeletal issues – which are often linked to repetitive strain.

In addition to general comfort, glass desk chair mats lead to health benefits, which contribute to a reduced likelihood of repetitive stress injuries.

5. Improves Office Safety

In addition to long-term ergonomic effects, glass chair mats help to enhance workplace safety in a few ways.

For one, they provide a stable, slip-resistant surface. This helps to prevent unexpected shifts or slides that could cause accidents. Second (to reiterate) high-quality glass office chair mats are made from tempered glass, which is a process to ensure the glass will not shatter with recommended use. If a freak accident causes the mat to break, it will break into tiny pieces – not big, jagged shards.  

Clearly Innovative Glass Chair Mats are designed with beveled edges. This helps to prevent trips or stumbles when moving on or off the mat.

Overall, a good glass desk chair mat is built to reduce common hazards, contributing to a safer work environment.

6. Environmental Sustainability

Lastly, we want to discuss how glass chair mats contribute to the big picture.

First and foremost, the durable construction means they last significantly longer than plastic mats, meaning you won’t have to replace them periodically and contribute to landfills. Secondly, the tempering process does not release the same harmful chemicals as the manufacturing process of plastic mats – making glass mats a non-toxic solution.

Due to their life-long quality, these items are easy to sell second-hand. If you ever have to part ways with your glass desk chair mat (without selling it), the material is 100% recyclable.

Similar to an aesthetic of quality and professionalism in the workplace, investing in glass office chair mats represents a commitment to sustainable practices – which can be a selling point for your company.

Ready to Invest?

One of the easiest ways to make employees feel valued is to supply them with high-quality equipment – from their chairs and desks to the floor beneath them.

The best benefit of glass desk chair mats is the fact that it’s a one-time investment – assuming the product is used as advised. At Clearly Innovative, we have a large catalog of glass chair mats to choose from, including square, rectangular, and tabbed.

Browse our selection today.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service representatives. We’re happy to point you in the right direction.